Thursday March 5, 2015


  • IL-6 and calcium-containing crystals in osteoarthritis.

    Sonia Nasi, Lausanne

  • Arterial calcification and pseudoxanthoma elasticum.

    Georges Leftheriotis, Angers

  • FGF23 regulates MMP13 through FGFR1 in human OA chondrocytes via PI-3K and ERK pathways.

    Arnaud Bianchi, Vandœuvre-les-Nancy

  • Influence of magnesium, iron or zinc ions on calcium pyrophosphate crystallization involved in osteoarthritis.

    Kemie Ley-Ngardigal, Toulouse

  • NPP1 and calcification.

    Vicky Macrae, Edinburgh

  • Nucleation and crystal growth of biorelated calcium phosphates.

    Christèle Combes, Toulouse

  • Calcification and cartilage matrix composition.

    Jessica Bertrand, Munster



  • Inborn errors of purine metabolism leading to crystal nephropathy and gout.

    Irène Ceballos-Picot, Paris

  • Genetics of hyperuricemia and gout - role of metabolic factors.

    Hyon Choi, Boston

  • Genetics of ABCG2 and its role in hyperuricemia and gout.

    Hirotaka Matsuo, Saitama

  • Genetics of gout in the presence of hyperuricaemia.

    Tony Merriman, Dunedin

  • Effects of Superoxide Hyper Generation on Mice: Analysis of Xanthine Oxidoreductase Gene-modified Mice.

    Teruo Kusano, Tokyo

  • Molecular Pathophysiology of Renal Reabsorptive Urate Transport.

    David B. Mount, Boston

  • Diet-Wide Association Study of Serum Urate Levels in 13, 782 American Caucasian Individuals.

    Tanya Flynn, Dunedin

  • Friday March 6, 2015


  • Four different types of calcium pyrophosphate crystals differentially induced IL-1β production by THP-1 cells.

    Laure Campillo-Gimenez, Paris

  • Inhibition of class I histone deacetylases as novel therapeutic option in gouty arthritis.

    Maartje Cleophas, Nijmegen

  • Gouty Inflammation: Emerging mediators and the role of master-regulation by AMPK.

    Robert Terkeltaub, San Diego

  • New insights in Alpha-1-antitrypsin mediated suppression of gouty arthritis.

    Leo Joosten, Nijmegen

  • NETosis in the resolution of gouty inflammation.

    Martin Herrmann, Erlangen

  • The role of ATP in the control of the inflammasome.

    Johji Nomura, Tokyo

  • Uric acid enhances monosodium urate induced pro-inflammatory response in gouty patients: a basic and translational research study.

    Mariano Andrés, Alicante

  • Soluble urate primes inflammatory.

    Tania O. Crișan, Nijmegen



  • New insights on urate crystals and cardiovascular outcomes.

    Mariano Andrés, Alicante

  • Hyperuricemia and the metabolic syndrome.

    Thomas Bardin, Paris

  • How to treat hyperuricemia in patients with renal impairment.

    Fernando Perez-Ruiz, Baracaldo

  • The Lesinurad Phase 3 data.

    Scott Baumgartner, San Diego

  • Managing gout with nurse practitioners.

    Mike Doherty, Nottingham

  • Hyperuricemia and neurodegenerative diseases.

    Hyon Choi, Boston